Jul 04 2015     A UNIT OF MR JUNEJA

MRJ Group believes that perfection & dedication in work paves the path for ultimate success. The name of a company gets into the limelight because of its work & its service towards the society which is an inevitable element as it connects the people of different backgrounds with the principles of the company.

Ever since our establishment, we have emerged as the largest trading group in Iron and Steel goods. Besides the company is also selling the material on commission basis. We are also dedicated to protecting the environment by adopting eco-friendly processes and activities. We believe in strengthening the hands that build the nation, we nurture the resources that corroborate our vision to improve the quality of life everywhere.

The key point of our success story as leading steel trader in India is our values which every employee of our company has inbuilt in him. These are

  • Quality
  • Understanding Nature
  • Responsibility
  • Maintaining Healthy Atmosphere
By the end of the day, we feel pride in strengthening our nation’s growth story. We are committed to provide high quality products, maintain environmental standards and take corporate social responsibility to help our nation becoming a super power.


As a global largest trading company that represents India, MRJ Steels Private Limited (a unit of MR Juneja Group) has been writing a new chapter of the history of the new growth at the same time contributing to the Indian economic development for the past 18 years.

We have emerged as the largest trading group in Iron and Steel goods. This is all thanks to our customers, suppliers and all of you who have showed deep affections to MRJ Steels Private Limited.